0742 Area Code

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0742 Area Code

0742 Area Code

Location and Time Zone

The 0742 area code is a telephone area code in the United Kingdom that serves the town of Yeovil and its surrounding areas in Somerset, England. This area code is part of the UK's geographic numbering system, which is used to route calls to specific locations.

The 0742 area code is located in the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) time zone, which is the same as the UK's national time zone.


The 0742 area code was introduced in 1995 as part of the PhONEday changes, which were implemented to increase the number of available telephone numbers in the UK. Prior to 1995, the area code for Yeovil was 0935, but it was changed to 01935 to accommodate the growing demand for phone numbers.

Dialling Code

To call a number with the 0742 area code, you need to dial the following sequence:

  • 01935 (area code)
  • followed by the local number (up to 7 digits)

For example, if you want to call a number in Yeovil with the local number 123456, you would dial 01935 123456.

Mobile Numbers

It's worth noting that mobile numbers in the UK do not use geographic area codes like 0742. Instead, they use mobile network codes that are typically 5 digits long and start with 07.

Interesting Facts

  • Yeovil is a town in Somerset, England, with a population of around 45,000 people.
  • The town is known for its historic centre, which features a mix of medieval and Georgian architecture.
  • Yeovil is also home to Yeovil Town F.C., a football club that plays in the National League.


The 0742 area code is an important part of Yeovil's telephone infrastructure, connecting residents and businesses to the rest of the UK. Whether you're making a call to a friend, family member, or business in Yeovil, it's essential to use the correct area code to ensure your call reaches its destination.

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