070 Shake Ex Girlfriends

4 min read Jul 11, 2024
070 Shake Ex Girlfriends

070 Shake's Ex-Girlfriends: A Glimpse into Her Past Relationships

Who is 070 Shake?

070 Shake, whose real name is Danielle Balbuena, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Born on June 13, 1997, in North Bergen, New Jersey, she rose to fame with her unique style and soulful voice. As a member of the musical collective 070, Shake has been making waves in the music industry since her teenage years.

Her Journey with Relationships

Despite her growing fame, 070 Shake has kept her personal life relatively private. However, through her music and social media, fans have been able to catch glimpses of her romantic relationships. In this article, we'll delve into what we know about her ex-girlfriends.

1. Sophia Diana Lodato

Sophia Diana Lodato, a model and artist, was reportedly 070 Shake's first high-profile girlfriend. The two were known for their passionate and affectionate social media posts, giving fans a glimpse into their romance. Although the exact duration of their relationship is unknown, it's believed to have ended in 2019.

2. Kari Faux

Kari Faux, a rapper and singer, was rumored to be Shake's girlfriend in 2020. While neither party publicly confirmed the relationship, their flirtatious social media exchanges and cozy photos sparked speculation among fans. However, it appears the romance fizzled out, and Shake has since moved on.

Lessons from Her Relationships

Through her music and public appearances, 070 Shake has demonstrated a strong sense of self-awareness and introspection. Her relationships, though not without their challenges, have likely contributed to her growth as an artist and individual.

What's Next for 070 Shake?

As Shake continues to rise in the music industry, fans are eagerly awaiting new music and potential updates on her personal life. While her relationships may have been a significant part of her past, it's clear that her focus remains on creating art that inspires and empowers her audience.


070 Shake's ex-girlfriends have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her perspective and artistry. Through her music, we've caught glimpses of her emotional highs and lows, as well as her unwavering commitment to self-love and acceptance. As we look to the future, it's exciting to think about the new music and experiences that will continue to define 070 Shake's remarkable journey.

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