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0643AKVY700: Understanding the Part Number

What does 0643AKVY700 mean?

The part number 0643AKVY700 is a unique identifier assigned to a specific component or product by its manufacturer. Breaking down this code can help us understand its meaning and significance.

Decoding the Part Number

0643: This prefix typically indicates the manufacturer's code or the product category.

A: This letter might specify the product line, series, or generation.

K: This character could represent the product's features, such as material, size, or functionality.

VY: This suffix might denote the product's application, industry, or specific use case.

700: This number could indicate the product's version, revision, or release number.

Importance of Accurate Part Numbers

Knowing the correct part number is crucial when:

  • Procuring replacement parts: Ensure you receive the exact component required, avoiding compatibility issues or delays.
  • Identifying product specifications: Accurate part numbers help determine the product's features, capabilities, and certifications.
  • Troubleshooting issues: Correct part numbers aid in diagnosing and resolving problems efficiently.


In conclusion, understanding the 0643AKVY700 part number can help you navigate the complexities of product identification, procurement, and troubleshooting. By deciphering the code, you can unlock valuable information about the component or product, ensuring accurate and efficient interactions with manufacturers, suppliers, and industry experts.

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