057 Area Code Philippines Landline Tnt

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057 Area Code Philippines Landline Tnt

Understanding the 057 Area Code in the Philippines for TNT Landline

In the Philippines, area codes are used to identify specific geographic locations and facilitate communication through landline and mobile networks. One of the area codes used in the country is 057, which is assigned to a particular region. In this article, we will delve into the details of the 057 area code, its coverage, and how it relates to TNT landline services.

What is the 057 Area Code?

The 057 area code is one of the original area codes assigned by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in the Philippines. It is used to identify fixed-line or landline phone numbers in a specific region of the country. The 057 area code is used in conjunction with a 7-digit local number to complete a full 10-digit phone number.

** Coverage of the 057 Area Code**

The 057 area code covers the provinces of Leyte and Southern Leyte in the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines. This area code is used by various telecommunication companies, including TNT, to provide landline services to residents and businesses in these provinces.

TNT Landline Services

TNT, also known as Touch Mobile, is a mobile network brand of Smart Communications, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Philippines. While TNT is primarily a mobile network, it also offers landline services to its customers. TNT landline services use the 057 area code to provide fixed-line connectivity to its subscribers in Leyte and Southern Leyte.

How to Call a TNT Landline with the 057 Area Code

To call a TNT landline with the 057 area code, you need to dial the following format:

0 + 57 + 7-digit local number

For example, if the local number is 2345678, you would dial:



In conclusion, the 057 area code is an important part of the Philippine telecommunications infrastructure, particularly in the provinces of Leyte and Southern Leyte. TNT landline services, which use this area code, provide reliable and affordable fixed-line connectivity to its subscribers in these regions. By understanding the 057 area code, you can easily communicate with friends, family, and business associates in these areas.

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