055 Country Code

3 min read Jul 11, 2024
055 Country Code

Understanding the 055 Country Code

When it comes to making international phone calls, understanding country codes is essential. One such code is 055, which is used to dial phone numbers in a specific country. In this article, we will explore what the 055 country code refers to and how to use it.

What country uses the 055 country code?

The 055 country code is used in Serbia. Serbia is a country located in Southeastern Europe, and its official language is Serbian. The country code 055 is used to dial phone numbers in Serbia from outside the country.

How to use the 055 country code

To make an international call to Serbia, you need to dial the following sequence of numbers:

  • International access code: This varies depending on your country, but in most cases, it is 00 (e.g., in the UK, Germany, or France) or 011 (e.g., in the US).
  • Country code: 055
  • National destination code: This varies depending on the city or region you are trying to reach in Serbia.
  • Local phone number: The unique phone number of the person or business you are trying to contact.

Here's an example:

Suppose you are calling a phone number in Belgrade, Serbia, from the UK. The international access code in the UK is 00, and the national destination code for Belgrade is 11. If the local phone number is 1234567, you would dial:

00 055 11 1234567

Important notes

  • When calling from a mobile phone, make sure to use the international access code specific to your mobile provider.
  • Some countries may have additional dialing requirements, such as a national trunk code (e.g., 0).
  • Be aware of time zones and potential call restrictions when making international calls.

By understanding the 055 country code and following the correct dialing sequence, you can successfully make international calls to Serbia.

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