0518 Area Code Nederland

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0518 Area Code Nederland

0518: The Area Code of the Netherlands

The 0518 area code is a significant part of the Netherlands' telephone numbering system. It is used to identify specific geographic locations and facilitate communication within the country. In this article, we will delve into the details of the 0518 area code, its history, and its significance in the Netherlands.

History of the 0518 Area Code

The 0518 area code was introduced in the Netherlands in the 1990s as part of a major overhaul of the country's telephone numbering system. Prior to this, the Netherlands used a system of regional codes, but with the rapid growth of mobile phone usage and increased demand for phone numbers, a new system was needed.

In 1995, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) introduced a new numbering plan, which included the 0518 area code. This code was specifically allocated to the province of Friesland, located in the north of the Netherlands.

Location and Coverage

The 0518 area code covers a significant portion of Friesland, including the capital city of Leeuwarden. The code is used by residents, businesses, and organizations within this region, and is an essential part of daily life in Friesland.

Phone Number Structure

Phone numbers in the Netherlands, including those with the 0518 area code, follow a specific structure. The format is as follows:

0 (trunk code) + 0518 (area code) + XXXXXXX (local number)

For example, a phone number in Leeuwarden might look like this: 0518 1234567.

Importance of the 0518 Area Code

The 0518 area code is crucial for various reasons:

  • Identity: The code is a symbol of regional identity and pride for the people of Friesland.
  • Communication: It facilitates communication between individuals, businesses, and organizations within the region.
  • Economic Development: The code helps to promote economic development in Friesland by making it easier for companies to do business and attract customers.


In conclusion, the 0518 area code is an integral part of the Netherlands' telephone numbering system, specifically serving the province of Friesland. Its history, coverage, and structure are all important aspects of its significance, and it plays a vital role in the daily lives of those living and working in the region.

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