05.30 Bahasa Inggrisnya

less than a minute read Jul 10, 2024
05.30 Bahasa Inggrisnya

05:30 in English

If you're wondering what 05:30 translates to in English, the answer is Five thirty.

Military Time

In military time, 05:30 is written as 0530 hours. This notation is commonly used in military, aviation, and other industries where precision is crucial.

Casual Expressions

In casual conversations, you might hear people saying half past five to refer to 05:30. This expression is more informal and used in everyday conversations.

Translations in Other Languages

Here are some translations of 05:30 in other languages:

  • Spanish: 5 y media
  • French: cinq heures et demie
  • German: fünf Uhr dreißig
  • Italian: le cinque e mezza
  • Portuguese: cinco e meia

Remember, when communicating time in English, it's essential to use the correct format and terminology to avoid confusion.

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