0485 Area Code Australia Nsw

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0485 Area Code Australia Nsw

0485 Area Code: A Closer Look at New South Wales, Australia

Overview of the 0485 Area Code

The 0485 area code is a crucial part of the Australian telephone numbering system, specifically assigned to the state of New South Wales (NSW). This code is used to route calls to the correct region, ensuring seamless communication across the state.

Location Coverage

The 0485 area code covers a significant portion of New South Wales, including:

Regional NSW

  • The entire Central West region, including Orange, Bathurst, and Dubbo
  • Parts of the Central Coast, such as Gosford and Wyong
  • The New England region, covering Armidale and Tamworth
  • The North West Slopes and Plains, including Gunnedah and Moree

Cities and Towns

Some of the major cities and towns that fall under the 0485 area code include:


  • Known for its picturesque landscapes, orange groves, and rich history
  • A popular tourist destination with attractions like the Orange Botanic Gardens and the Orange Regional Gallery


  • Famous for its motor racing heritage, including the iconic Mount Panorama Circuit
  • Home to the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum and the Bathurst Courthouse


  • A thriving regional city with a strong agricultural industry
  • Features the Taronga Western Plains Zoo and the Old Dubbo Gaol

History of the 0485 Area Code

The 0485 area code was introduced in 1997 as part of a national telephone numbering system overhaul. Prior to this, NSW had a mix of single-digit and two-digit area codes, which were eventually replaced by the current two-digit codes.

Dialing the 0485 Area Code

To call a number in the 0485 area code, you need to dial the following:

  • 04 (mobile) or 02 (landline) followed by 85 and the eight-digit local number

For example: 042 8581 2345 (mobile) or 0285 812345 (landline)


The 0485 area code plays a vital role in connecting New South Wales residents and businesses. By understanding the location coverage, cities, and towns within this code, you can make informed decisions about communication and business strategies in the region.

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