0481 Area Code Australia Nsw

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0481 Area Code Australia Nsw

0481 Area Code: Uncovering the Region in New South Wales, Australia

The 0481 area code is a unique identifier assigned to a specific region in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. In this article, we'll delve into the details of this area code, exploring its location, coverage, and other essential information.

Location and Coverage

The 0481 area code is primarily used in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia. This region is situated in the southwestern part of the state, bordering Victoria to the south and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to the southeast. The Riverina region is known for its rolling hills, fertile soil, and picturesque countryside, making it an ideal location for agriculture, viticulture, and tourism.

Cities and Towns

The 0481 area code covers several cities and towns in the Riverina region, including:

  • Wagga Wagga: The largest city in the region, known for its rich history, cultural events, and educational institutions.
  • Griffith: A thriving city in the heart of the Riverina, famous for its wine production and Italian heritage.
  • Leeton: A picturesque town in the southeastern part of the region, recognized for its rich agricultural land and water management systems.
  • Narrandera: A charming town situated on the Murrumbidgee River, popular for its outdoor recreation and historic significance.

Phone Number Format

Phone numbers in the 0481 area code follow a standard format:

0481 XXX XXX

Where 0481 is the area code, and XXX XXX is the unique eight-digit local number.

Calling the 0481 Area Code

To call a number in the 0481 area code from within Australia, simply dial the area code followed by the local number. For example:

0481 123 456

From outside Australia, you'll need to dial the country code (+61) followed by the area code and local number. For example:

+61 481 123 456


The 0481 area code is an essential part of the Riverina region's identity, covering a diverse range of cities and towns in New South Wales, Australia. Whether you're calling a business, friend, or family member in the region, understanding the 0481 area code will help you connect with ease.

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