04495-0k120 Toyota

3 min read Jul 10, 2024
04495-0k120 Toyota

04495-0K120: Toyota's Premium Oxygen Sensor

What is an Oxygen Sensor?

An oxygen sensor is a crucial component in a vehicle's engine management system. Its primary function is to measure the amount of oxygen present in the exhaust gases, providing vital data to the engine control unit (ECU) to optimize fuel injection, ignition timing, and emission control. In other words, an oxygen sensor helps ensure that your engine runs efficiently, reduces pollution, and saves you fuel.

04495-0K120: Toyota's High-Performance Oxygen Sensor

The 04495-0K120 is a premium oxygen sensor designed specifically for Toyota vehicles. This high-performance sensor is engineered to provide accurate readings, even in extreme driving conditions. Its advanced technology ensures that your engine operates within optimal parameters, resulting in:

Improved Fuel Efficiency

The 04495-0K120 oxygen sensor helps the ECU fine-tune fuel injection, reducing fuel consumption and decreasing emissions.

Enhanced Performance

With accurate oxygen level readings, the ECU can optimize ignition timing, resulting in increased power and torque.

Reduced Emissions

The 04495-0K120 oxygen sensor helps minimize harmful emissions, ensuring that your Toyota vehicle meets stringent environmental standards.

Extended Engine Life

By providing accurate data, this premium oxygen sensor helps prevent engine damage caused by improper fuel mixture, exhaust system damage, and overheating.

Key Features of the 04495-0K120 Oxygen Sensor

  • High-precision sensor technology for accurate oxygen level measurements
  • Wide operating temperature range for reliable performance in extreme conditions
  • Rugged design for durability and resistance to vibration, corrosion, and contaminants
  • Easy installation with a direct-fit design, ensuring a hassle-free replacement process


The 04495-0K120 oxygen sensor is a high-quality component designed to optimize your Toyota vehicle's performance, fuel efficiency, and environmental sustainability. With its advanced technology and rugged design, this premium sensor is an excellent choice for drivers seeking to get the most out of their vehicle.

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