04495-0k120 Nibk

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04495-0k120 Nibk

04495-0K120 NIBK: Understanding the Specifications

The 04495-0K120 NIBK is a critical component in various industrial and automotive applications. In this article, we will delve into the specifications and characteristics of this particular part, exploring its features, benefits, and uses.

What is 04495-0K120 NIBK?

The 04495-0K120 NIBK is a type of fuel injector, specifically designed for diesel engines. It is a crucial component in the fuel system, responsible for spraying fuel into the combustion chamber at the correct pressure and timing.

Key Features and Specifications

Part Number: 04495-0K120 NIBK

Type: Diesel Fuel Injector

Fuel Type: Diesel

Flow Rate: 120 cc/min

Pressure: Up to 1600 bar

Electrical Connection: 2-pin connector

Operating Temperature: -40°C to 120°C

Material: High-strength steel and tungsten carbide

How Does it Work?

The 04495-0K120 NIBK fuel injector uses a solenoid valve to control the fuel flow. When the engine control unit (ECU) sends an electrical signal to the injector, the valve opens, allowing fuel to flow through the nozzle and into the combustion chamber. The fuel is then atomized, mixing with air to create a combustible mixture.

Benefits and Advantages

High Pressure and Flow Rate: The 04495-0K120 NIBK can operate at extremely high pressures, ensuring efficient fuel combustion and improved engine performance.

Precise Fuel Metering: The fuel injector's advanced design ensures precise fuel metering, resulting in better fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Durable Construction: The injector's high-strength steel and tungsten carbide construction provide exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion.

Applications and Uses

The 04495-0K120 NIBK fuel injector is commonly used in:

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines: Industrial equipment, generators, and construction machinery.

Automotive Applications: Diesel-powered vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, and buses.

Marine Engines: Diesel-powered boats and ships.


The 04495-0K120 NIBK fuel injector is a critical component in diesel engines, offering high performance, precision, and durability. Its advanced design and features make it an ideal choice for various industrial and automotive applications.

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