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YZ250: The Iconic Two-Stroke Motocross Bike

The YZ250 is a legendary two-stroke motocross bike that has been thrilling riders and racing enthusiasts for decades. Manufactured by Yamaha, this iconic bike has a rich history of innovation, performance, and dominance on the track.

History of the YZ250

The first generation of the YZ250 was introduced in 1974, and it quickly gained popularity among motocross riders due to its lightweight, powerful engine, and agile handling. Over the years, Yamaha continuously updated and refined the bike, incorporating new technologies and design improvements.

Design and Features

The YZ250 is known for its sleek and aggressive design, which is optimized for high-performance motocross racing. The bike features a lightweight aluminum frame, a powerful 249cc two-stroke engine, and a suspension system that provides exceptional handling and stability.

Some of the key features of the YZ250 include:

  • Liquid-cooled engine: The YZ250's engine is liquid-cooled, which allows for more efficient heat dissipation and increased performance.
  • Keihin PWK carburetor: The bike features a Keihin PWK carburetor, which provides precise fuel delivery and excellent throttle response.
  • ** KYB suspension**: The YZ250's suspension system features KYB forks and shock absorbers, which provide exceptional handling and stability.

Racing Heritage

The YZ250 has an impressive racing heritage, with numerous championships and wins in various motocross and supercross events. The bike has been ridden by some of the most legendary riders in the sport, including Jeremy McGrath, Chad Reed, and Ryan Villopoto.

Legacy and Impact

The YZ250 has had a significant impact on the motocross industry, inspiring generations of riders and bike manufacturers. The bike's legacy continues to be felt today, with many modern motocross bikes drawing inspiration from its design and features.


The YZ250 is a true motocross legend, with a rich history, impressive performance, and a lasting impact on the sport. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a motocross enthusiast, the YZ250 is an iconic bike that continues to inspire and thrill riders around the world.

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