04465-0k360 Cross Reference

3 min read Jul 10, 2024
04465-0k360 Cross Reference

04465-0K360 Cross Reference: Understanding the Bearings and Their Equivalents

The 04465-0K360 is a specific bearing type that is widely used in various industrial and automotive applications. However, it may not be readily available or recognized by all suppliers or manufacturers. This is where cross-referencing comes into play, allowing users to find equivalent bearings that meet the same specifications and performance standards.

What is a Cross Reference?

A cross reference is a process of identifying alternate parts or components that are equivalent in terms of their design, functionality, and performance. In the context of bearings, a cross reference helps users find substitute bearings that match the original specifications, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

04465-0K360 Bearing Specifications

The 04465-0K360 bearing is a type of tapered roller bearing that features:

Bearing Dimensions:

  • Bore: 44.45 mm
  • OD: 93.264 mm
  • Width: 25.4 mm

Bearing Caps: 2 pieces

Load Capacity:

  • Radial: 24,500 N
  • Axial: 13,300 N

Cross Reference Equivalents

The 04465-0K360 bearing has several cross-reference equivalents from various manufacturers, including:

Timken Equivalent:

  • 04465-90061

NSK Equivalent:

  • HR30306J

FAG Equivalent:

  • 30306-A

These cross-reference equivalents ensure that users can find compatible bearings that meet the same specifications and performance standards as the original 04465-0K360 bearing.


The 04465-0K360 cross reference is an essential tool for industries that rely on precise and reliable bearings. By understanding the specifications and cross-reference equivalents, users can efficiently source substitute bearings that meet their requirements, ensuring optimal performance and reduced downtime.

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