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04465-0D200: Understanding the Toyota Engine Code

If you're a car enthusiast or a Toyota owner, you might have come across the code "04465-0D200" while researching or troubleshooting your vehicle's engine. But what does this code mean, and how can it help you understand your engine better?

What is the 04465-0D200 code?

The 04465-0D200 code is a Toyota engine code that identifies a specific engine type and its characteristics. This code is used by Toyota to catalogue and track their engines, making it easier for mechanics and enthusiasts to look up information and specifications about a particular engine.

Breaking down the code

Let's break down the code into its constituent parts:

  • 04465: This part of the code identifies the engine family or type. In this case, the "04465" code corresponds to a Toyota inline-four cylinder gasoline engine.
  • 0D200: This part of the code specifies the engine's displacement, horsepower, and torque output. The "0D" prefix indicates that the engine has a displacement of 2.0 liters, while the "200" suffix indicates that it produces around 200 horsepower.

What can I learn from the 04465-0D200 code?

By decoding the 04465-0D200 code, you can learn several important things about your Toyota engine:

  • Engine type and family: You can identify the engine type and family, which can help you find compatible parts and accessories.
  • Displacement and horsepower: You can determine the engine's displacement and horsepower output, which can help you understand its performance capabilities.
  • Torque output: You can estimate the engine's torque output, which can help you understand its towing and hauling capabilities.


The 04465-0D200 code is a valuable piece of information that can help you understand your Toyota engine better. By decoding this code, you can learn more about your engine's type, displacement, horsepower, and torque output, which can help you make informed decisions about maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

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