0431 Area Code

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0431 Area Code

0431 Area Code: What You Need to Know

The 0431 area code is a telephone area code in the state of Victoria, Australia. It is one of the many area codes that serve the country, and it is specifically designated for the southeastern region of Victoria.


The 0431 area code covers a significant portion of southeastern Victoria, including the cities of Bairnsdale, Sale, and Maffra. It also covers several surrounding towns and rural areas, making it a vital communication link for the region's residents and businesses.


The 0431 area code was introduced in 1997 as part of a major reorganization of Australia's telephone numbering system. Prior to its introduction, the area code 051 was used for the region, but it was phased out to make way for the new code. The 0431 code has since become an integral part of the region's telecommunications infrastructure.

Phone Number Format

Phone numbers in the 0431 area code follow the standard Australian format of 10 digits. The format is as follows:

04xx xxx xxx

Where "0431" is the area code, followed by an 8-digit local number.

Calling the 0431 Area Code

To call a number in the 0431 area code from within Australia, you can simply dial the full 10-digit phone number, including the area code. If you are calling from outside Australia, you will need to dial the international access code for your country, followed by Australia's country code (61), and then the full 10-digit phone number.

Interesting Facts

  • The 0431 area code is one of the more populous area codes in Victoria, serving over 200,000 residents and businesses.
  • The region covered by the 0431 area code is known for its natural beauty, with the Gippsland Lakes and the Ninety Mile Beach being popular tourist destinations.
  • The 0431 area code is also home to several major industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.


The 0431 area code is an important part of Victoria's telecommunications infrastructure, providing a vital communication link for the region's residents and businesses. Whether you're a local resident, a business owner, or just visiting the area, understanding the 0431 area code is essential for staying connected.

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